Martial Culture in European Towns (1350-1550) – conference

Next November (11-13, 2021) we will host our closing international conference at the University of Bern.

Check out information about registration, the program and the venue

Our Keynote speaker Prof. Marc Boone (Ghent University) will talk on Thursday 11, 17:15 about: The Town, the Military, and the State

This presentation is also part of the lecture series of the Berner Mittelalter Zentrum. Registration and information about the Online zoom link available on request by email (

Attendance at the conference is free of charge and is by registration only (check the web page above), with a limitation of attendance due to the sanitary situation.

The poster session with video commentaries will be published on our blog on the 12th November. Stay tuned. The rest of the conference, except for the keynote is not broadcast.

Upcoming international conference: Martial Culture in European Towns (1350-1550)

Next November (11-13, 2021) we will host our closing international conference at the University of Bern. Learn about the program and check our call for posters (open until May 30, 2021).

[Museum talk] Armour: More than protective clothing. (Prof. Regula Schmid)

On the 24th of June, Prof. Dr. Regula Schmid Keeling was invited to participate to a museum talk at the Old Arsenal of Solothurn (Museum Altes Zeughaus). The museum has one of the largest collections of armour in Europe. The conversation was part of a series of lunch talks at the museum, with a Q&A format. Prof. Dr. Regula Schmid Keeling had the opportunity to present research finds of this current project, as well as of her own research to a broader audience. Through various questions the discussion addressed subjects such as: what are the different types of armour, who possessed it, what was the value of such objects, and when were they worn were addressed. She brought to light many examples of local history from research conducted on documents from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries kept in Swiss archives. The talk was recorded and you can listen to it following the link below. Beware, the ltalk was held in Swiss German dialect.

[click here to open the podcast]

[Conference] New conference about shooting societies.

Jean-Dominique Delle Luche and Thomas Fressin organise a one-day conference in South France (Crépy-en-Valois)

Journée d’étude – Samedi 27 avril 2019
Jeux de tir & milices bourgeoises sous l’Ancien Régime

More information on their website, stay tuned for a review of this conference on this blog in May.

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