Martial Culture in Medieval Town is a research project of the University of Bern (2018-2022), supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation. It fits between the “new military history” and the urban history, in the late medieval and pre-modern period, treating the space represented by the current Switzerland, but open to the surrounding spaces (www.martial-culture.unibe .ch).

This academic blog is intended as a means of publishing (a) the progress and news of the research project, (b) scientific contributions, (c) reviews of recent books or scientific events, (d) and debate on methodological and historiographical issues between actors in similar research projects. The edition of the academic blog is managed by the coordinator of the research project (Daniel Jaquet) and by a mandated editor (Barbora Davidek). The contributors are the members of the project (4), colleagues from Swiss universities (a network of about ten colleagues), as well as invited contributors (international network).

Our target audience is composed of fellow researchers in medieval and modern history, interested in the topic. However, the project also has a public outreach dimension (a temporary exhibition in 4 Swiss museums is planned) and may therefore be of interest to a wider audience. The publishing languages ​​(English, French, German) ensure that we reach the academic community at large. The editor also has a dual career (academic and museum) and is very sensitive to the dimensions of public outreach of scientific unpublished research output.

The specific purpose of the academic blog is to mitigate the slow pace of physical publications planed in the project (2 theses, 1 thesis of habilitation, a monograph and proceedings of international symposium) and to offer a content of interest to the researchers in addition to our corporate website and planned physical publications. In addition, it is part of the institution’s policy regarding open-access publications and corresponds to the desires of the project leader to encourage and encourage young researchers to produce quality content under the supervision of more seasoned researchers, for their training and scientific career.

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