Proceedings of the Joachim Meyer conference (University of Strasbourg 2020) – an introduction

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Joachim Meyer, a conference was organised by O. Dupuis, G. Porte and D. Jaquet at the University of Strasbourg (20-21 February 2020).

Joachim Meyer came from Basel and was a cutler by trade, a burgher of Strasbourg. He authored a famous fencing treatise in 1570, as well as less known manuscripts dedicated to the aristocracy. Researchers, archivists and martial arts experts gathered to share their latest research on the author and his work. A one-day workshop followed the lectures.

Supported by the Martial Culture in Medieval Towns research project, this conference will be published in a special issue of the journal Source(s) (ISSN 2261-8562), forthcoming 2022. Meanwhile, some of the contributors offered their contribution in a blog article version. The posts are in French, with an English abstract. You can read these following the links below:

Olivier Dupuis, “La place de l’escrime à Strasbourg (XVe-XVIIe siècle)”:

Pierre Kintz, “Tobias Stimmer, illustrateur du Fechtbuch de Joachim Meyer”:

Pierre-Henry Bas, “La modernité dans l’escrime de Joachim Meyer”:

Laurent Naas, “L’exemplaire sélestadien de la Gründtliche Beschreibung / der freyen Ritterlichen unnd Adelichen Kunst des Fechtens de Joachim Meyer (BHS., K.161)”

Alexandre Legros, “Dans l’oeil du bretteur et du chirurgien”

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